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Passenger Service - Lost and Found

Hohhot Baita International Airport Lost and Found Office Hotline: 0471-4941015

Lost and Found Service Time: 6:00- the End of Departure Flight

This module has been transferred to the passenger service platform of Hohhot Airport. Please scan the code on WeChat to follow Hohhot Baita International Airport for inquiries.

China Civil Airports Association Group Standards:

Management tips for lost items in civil airports:

Lost items are classified into the following five categories:

1. Category 1: Valuable items (cash, securities, items containing cash, jewelry, antiques, calligraphy and painting, various digital products, etc.), stored for 1 year.

2. Category 2: General items (ordinary clothing, daily necessities, luggage, cigarettes, edible wine, tea, unopened ordinary food, etc.), items marked with a shelf life, with a reference to the shelf life, stored for a maximum of 1 year; Food without outer packaging or unmarked shelf life shall store for not exceeding 15 days; other items besides the above shall be remaining for one year. If there are special circumstances such as food spoilage and odor during the storage period, the airport may dispose of them in advance depending on the situation.

3. Category 3: Special items (documents, certificates, cards, etc.), stored for 1 year.

4. Category 4: Perishable items (fresh food, flowers and plants, opened ordinary food, etc.), stored for 24 hours.

5. Category 5: Dangerous goods (lost items such as power banks and backup lithium batteries that are not restricted by the Technical Rules for Safe Air Transport of Dangerous Goods and the Dangerous Goods Rules), stored for 7 days.