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The Hohhot Branch of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Civil Airports Group Co., Ltd. was officially established on 8 June 2010, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Inner Mongolia Civil Aviation Airport Group and the air transport hub of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The company has total assets of RMB 1.9 billion, 6 functional departments, 9 direct-affiliated departments, 1 controlling enterprise and 1 independent legal entity enterprise; it has now more than 900 employees.

Hohhot Airport first began to be constructed as early as 1958 and approved as “Aviation Port” airport by the State Council in 1991; in 1993, it was determined and proclaimed as one of the fourteen domestic international scheduled flight airports by International Civil Aviation Organization and since then it becomes an important window for economic and trade links and opening to the outside world for the Autonomous Region.

Before the year 2003, Hohhot Airport is under administration of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Authority of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC); on 19 December 2003, based upon requirements from CAAC reforms under the principle of “local aviation under administration of local authority”, it began to be operated under Inner Mongolia Civil Aviation Airport Group.

In 2005, by joint contributions from CAAC, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government and Inner Mongolia Civil Aviation Airport Group Company, Hohhot Airport was extended. On 28 July 2007, Hohhot Airport extension project had been completed and put in use. After the extension, the terminal’s construction area increases up to 55,000 M2 and airport grade increased from grade 4D to 4E, capable for taking off and landing of airliners including Boeing 747 and smaller, and for alternative landing of Airbus A380 airliner.

Since beginning of this century, transportation businesses of Hohhot Airport have obtained breakthroughs one after another: during the “11th Five Year Plan” period, altogether 148,000 times of all kinds of flights had been executed, with an accumulated passengers throughput of 12.07M person-times and 69,000 tons of cargo and mails, increased by 173%, 260% and 40% respectively comparing with that during the “10th Five Year Plan” period. In 2010, the year Hohhot Airport Company was established, passengers throughput broke through 3 million person-times, 4 million person-times in 2011, 5 million person-times in 2012 and 6 million person times in 2013, the growth rate of which is taking the leading position among national airports and it formally becomes a nation-wide medium-sized airport.

The development of Hohhot Airport has bridged an air communication passage between the capital and other areas, provided safer, more comfortable, convenient trip mode and high-efficient, high-quality service for the public, improved city grade, and played an irreplaceable role for accelerating regional economy development and enhancing friendly contacts from both at home and abroad, we well we economy and culture communication and cooperation.

During the development process, by carrying out and implementing Autonomous Region’s 8337 development ideas, based on requirements of “Big Capital City” concept raised by Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Hohhot Airport tries every effort to contribute for creating a first class capital city and first class capital city economy, accelerating establishment of robust, beautiful and harmonious capital city, first realizing integration of urban and rural development and first building a moderately prosperous society.