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Inner Mongolia Airport Aviation Ground Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Ground Service Company”) was established in October 2007, a subsidiary of Inner Mongolia Civil Aviation Airport Group, being engaged in the businesses of passengers and luggage ground transportation, cargo and mails ground transportation, aircrafts ground special vehicle service, and sales of air cargo and mails. The company has 3 functional departments, 4 guarantee departments among which the Cargo Shipment Department is responsible for luggage sorting and loading & unloading; cargo & mails receiving and transportation, warehousing, delivery, pre-allocation, bulk goods configuration/loading and unloading service, etc.

The Cargo Shipment Department of Ground Service Company has now all together 198 employees, all of whom have passed hazardous articles training and got the certificates; among them, 3 of them have got teacher’s certificate on hazardous articles. It has now 2 units of lift tables, 14 units of conveyor vehicles, 14 units of luggage tractors, 2 units of forklifts, and more than 200 units of other unpowered equipment. Till now, the Ground Service Company is the agent for 28 airlines, 9 of which are international/regional airlines and 1 is cargo aircraft company. In 2013, the company has accomplished the guarantee works of 62,400 times of flights, achieving a cargo & mail throughput of 32,600 tons, with a growth rate of 13.7 comparing with same period of last year.